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  • Most eLearning is like drinking through a fire hose -- the learner gets too much, too fast. Our work, experience and research proves that layering learning in small, digestible doses of content, knowledge or competencies over time increases retention, knowledge retrieval and behavioral change.
    This offer will teach you the biggest mistakes companies make in learning programs and how you can fix them with the key benefits of layered learning.
  • With recognition, we believe that one size fits one. If you want your employees to be engaged, you must start by enabling them to do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. This, combined with personalized recognition, will create exceptional experiences that will make your employees and customers raving fans.
    In this download you will learn a critical business secret that will help you get the ROI you're looking for from your employee engagement program.


The Seven Personalization Principles:

Learn the Principles to Thrive in these Disruptive Times

Let’s face it — technology cannot be stopped. Robots, apps and kiosks have already displaced millions of jobs worldwide. The quest for productivity and efficiency will ensure that technology continues to proliferate in every facet of our professional and personal lives. 
Whether you are a business leader or individual contributor, figuring out how to keep your value proposition relevant is going to be critical for your ongoing survival. Just like many other cycles in business, the integration of technology is going to require, in fact demand, contextualization from human beings. 
So, how do humans add value? Humans add value by personalizing.
The 7 Personalization Principles Model (7-P) helps to illuminate how organizations and individuals who personalize win in the new economy. Those who learn how to create personalized experiences will be in demand and able to charge a premium. Those that do not personalize will be commoditized, or worse yet, disrupted out of business.
This book uses the McKinsey 7-S and Psichogios 7-P frameworks to explore companies who have displayed personalization, specialization and strategic focus to become proven winners in their industries.


The personalization principles are: 1. Be Authentic 2. Be Hospitable 3. Be Empathetic 4. Be Committed 5. Be Competent 6. Be Friendly 7. Be Fun

These proven winners include: Netflix, Nordstrom, Disney, Southwest Airlines, Apple, Starbucks, Timbuk2.

This book gives you the perspective, the principles and the plan to ensure successful implementation of personalization, individually and organizationally.


Creating Intense Employee Engagement

In order to engage your talent, enable them with skills, learning, development and opportunity to feel like they can contribute and make a difference in your company for day one. The best companies catch their talent doing things right at every touchpoint. They provide them with authentic acknowledgement and feedback from leadership on a regular basis and have an open door policy for ongoing employee feedback throughout the year.

Employee engagement can also be measured by customer experience. If your employees are truly enabled and engaged to do their best work, it is reflected in your customer experience.

This eBook will outline how support from leaders combined with learning and development opportunities creates exceptional experiences and engagement for your employees and the customers that they serve.


Leading From The Front Line:

Learn How To Create Exceptional Experiences

Leading from the Front Line addresses the challenges that all leaders face today in developing, motivating and enabling their part-time talent. Today’s generation entering the workforce views jobs as opportunities to gather a portfolio of experiences, moving from organization to organization to acquire different skills. 
This new part-time economy and part-time workforce presents both unique opportunities and unique challenges for organizations and their leaders. The principles in Leading From The Front Line will give leaders, as well as those that aspire to be leaders, insights on how to best lead their workforce so their people are enabled to create exceptional experiences for their customers.